Here is a list of systems I have developed for various industries

Marketing and customer engagement

  • introductory testing on public lines
  • production of business analysis graphs for financial advisors, practice management trainers, and all sorts of organizations
  • CRMs for very large organizations
  • CRMs for smaller organizations
  • highly automated flexible emailing systems with easy expansion for complicated logic
  • highly flexible survey systems for things like patient intake, quality control, and almost anything that pushes out survey questionnaires to targeted public
  • webinar management
  • webinar replay management with surveys as viewers watch replays
  • marketing-related support systems
  • event scheduling, invitations, and attendance management
  • sophisticated shopping carts for mobile phone companies with complicated plan interdependencies, available phone systems and add-ons

Real estate, commercial, governmental and residential

  • real estate property management for medium to extremely large organizations
  • project management for construction, and real estate lifecycle from planning to demolition.
  • residential rental management system
  • governmental land databases
  • governmental real estate portfolio management for office buildings

Project management / workflow planning

  • statistic data gathering, reporting and graphing
  • statistics gathering for nonprofit organizations
  • Hubbard Management System administration scale systems
  • time tracker, time management, timesheet reporting for medium to large organizations
  • systems to help organizations to standard Hubbard Management principles into the organization
  • group statistics, with creating competitive “birthday game” challenges
  • flexible project management for the lifecycle of almost anything
  • automatic distribution of workloads by posts, regions, geography etc.

Medical practice management, case management and legal support

  • medical and chiropractic practice management software complete with billing, re-billing, scheduling, report writing etc.
  • specialized medical systems for niche markets
  • medical patient portals where patients can the report the progress of the treatments to their practitioners and manage treatment
  • legal support system that helps doctors and attorneys fight back against suppressive insurance practices
  • complete chiropractic practice management system, used by thousands of clinics across the US

Financial and banking systems

  • financial data warehouse and financial reporting for governmental organizations
  • financial portfolio management for investment bank
  • financial reconciliation software for banks with artificial intelligence
  • cash flow management for businesses
  • financial planning software for businesses
  • student loan management
  • automated stock market trading system with self-optimizing AI components
  • system to standardize internal bank audit

Other categories

  • membership management
  • small highly customizable social media system
  • software that connects large existing systems and databases to other large existing systems and databases, either at the database level or at the API level.
  • piggyback on-screen add-on software that can be added to existing large, unflexible systems to create additional functionality that is highly customizable, at the database level API level (in other words, make inflexible systems flexbible)
  • dating sites
  • software that scans books and converts them into MP3 files
  • document management systems that take documents in over the Internet and to build a repository for large organizations
  • physical security access management for large organizations with various layers of approval processes

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